Collateral Damage Game Icon

By Flake, September 15, 2021


Our very own Flake shares some of his thoughts on the recent changes to Monsters, and how some of the changes may have caused some unintended…

A Detailed Look at Gwent Ability Timings and Priority Game Icon

By CaptainMetal92, January 4, 2021


Guest writer CaptainMetal92 provides us with an in-depth look at how abilities and effects process their order in Gwent, in an attempt to provide you…

Yuran joins Team Aretuza! Game Icon

By Callonetta, January 13, 2020


Team Aretuza is excited to announce another addition to our roster, Yuran! As a long-time board and card game fan, he discovered Gwent at its mobile…

EricZJN joins Team Aretuza! Game Icon

By Callonetta, January 11, 2020


Starting 2020 as we mean to go on, Team Aretuza is expanding our roster! In the first of two new player announcements coming this month, we’re all…

Update: Top Cards to Craft Game Icon

By Callonetta, January 10, 2020


Did you manage to play some Gwent over the holidays? If you snagged some scraps then we’ve got the perfect gift for you! JMJWilson23 has updated our…

Meta Snapshot #13 Game Icon

By Callonetta, December 24, 2019


The Merchants of Ofir expansion brought a breath of fresh air to Gwent along with brand new mechanics and cards. With such a shift in mind, Team…

Team Aretuza Tournament and Charity Stream Game Icon

By Callonetta, December 20, 2019


Team Aretuza is proud to announce, in partnership with Team Rankstar, Legacy and Team Leviathan Gaming, a Gwent tournament featuring a charity stream…

Team Aretuza is looking for Gwent Content Creators! Game Icon

By Callonetta, October 28, 2019


Aretuza is looking for new Content Creators who would love to join our written or video content teams.

The Aretuza Homecoming Anniversary Show TODAY Game Icon

By Callonetta, October 25, 2019


To celebrate the anniversary of Homecoming, Team Aretuza is putting on a quiz show! This event will be hosted by our very own Zade on Twitch with…

Aretuza Insight: Interview with ImpetuousPanda (+ Bonus… Game Icon

By Callonetta, September 28, 2019


Working on the Gwent Masters circuit since Gwent Open 2, first alongside Merchant and now teamed with Jaggerous, ImpetuousPanda has racked up a…

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