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A haphazard discovery of random Star Wars CCG cards sparked Flake's interest in card games in the late 1990s. Since then, Flake has had a hand in dozens of titles over nearly two decades of slinging cards. From the classic mainstays such as Magic: The Gathering, to newer titles like Flesh and Blood, Flake has competed, succeeded, and enjoyed (mostly) every moment of the journey.

Flake's career path led him through stints as an amateur comedian, MC, radio host, and performance flair bartender. Ultimately, he has found his joy as an esports broadcaster. Having worked for such companies as Blizzard Entertainment and CD Projekt Red, Flake's knowledge of the medium spans a myriad of landscapes.

With an encyclopedic knowledge of 90's pop culture, and enough Star Wars facts to annoy the most dedicated Sci-Fi nerd, Flake leads with love, and truly believes that you're not losing if you're learning.

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Our very own Flake shares some of his thoughts on the recent changes to Monsters, and how some of the changes may have caused some unintended…

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