Collateral Damage Game Icon

By Flake, September 15, 2021


Our very own Flake shares some of his thoughts on the recent changes to Monsters, and how some of the changes may have caused some unintended…

Season 1 GWENT World Masters - Meet our Champions! Game Icon

By Kurikara, June 5, 2021


Greetings GWENT Community! Our writer, Kurikara, is providing an insight into Season 1 GWENT World Masters and the upcoming Price of Power expansion.…

Aretuza Insight: Interview with Flake Game Icon

By Callonetta, September 27, 2019


A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a warm, cheeky grin, Flake is known and loved as one of the biggest Gwent personalities around, and since…

Aretuza Insight: Interview with Ash Game Icon

By SwanDive, September 24, 2019


Over the course of the Gwent Challenger #5 event, Team Aretuza content creators Lothari, RyanGodric and Elis worked hard to bring you more insight…

Aretuza Spotlight: Green Cricket Game Icon

By Lothari, September 4, 2019


Team Aretuza aren’t just bringing three great players to Challenger #5, but will also be providing the official analysis for all games throughout the…