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Kurikara is 30 years old Gwent player from Poland. His introduction to the card games was Magic: the Gathering during High School. A newcomer to the world of The Witcher, which he immediately started to follow after the first few rounds of Gwent. Former content creator for fansites and teams dedicated to various trading card games. 

Privately, a hobbyist web designer who learns to code. If he is not doing anything constructive, then he certainly is trying to save Azeroth.

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Greetings GWENT Community! Our writer, Kurikara, is providing an insight into Season 1 GWENT World Masters and the upcoming Price of Power expansion.…

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By Kurikara, May 19, 2021


Hello there! I am Kuri, a new writer for Team Aretuza. I love spending my time writing, playing the game and having fun while being able to help…

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