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By Kurikara, May 19, 2021

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Hello there! I am Kuri, a new writer for Team Aretuza. I love spending my time writing, playing the game and having fun while being able to help others. That's why I decided to join Team Aretuza and prepare for all of you something about this weekly Seasonal mode. Good luck and have fun!

Season of the Viper - a Plus One Guide

What is Seasonal Mode?

Seasonal Mode is a unique game mode which changes every week, with an unusual set of rules according to which you compete against other players. 

To join the queue, you need to be at least at level 10.

First of all, playing in this mode allows you to complete quests from the Seasonal Trees from the reward book. Within some of them, you will encounter special nodes marked with a chalice - these obstacles will hold your progress until you complete the quest contained within them. 

It is worth noting that most of them can be completed in any mode in GWENT, but few of them might require your participation in activities tied to the Seasonal Mode.

Additionally, that’s the best place to chase up all missing contracts, especially those very specific ones (like having 9 units with 10 power), for which you receive Reward Points (RP). With RP you can unlock even more rewards in the Reward Book.

What if I don't have time or Reward Points for the current Reward Trees?

No worries! 

The creators of GWENT have been providing us with a great solution for quite some time. Each month you will be able to find a Seasonal Pack in the store that contains some of the trinkets available in that specific month for meteorite powder. On occasion, they can sometimes include one additional cosmetic - it could be a border, a title or an avatar.  The card back itself usually goes on sale for a small amount of real-life money.

Season of the Viper - Plus One


"Each time you play a unit, create a copy of that unit in this row with a strength of 1". 

This is without a doubt one of the more enjoyable and "profitable" variants to play; because of its nature, we have a wide range of ways to build our deck: from the simplest engine deck, to control variations, to a deck whose sole purpose is to clog up the opponents' side with weak units - spies, or rats.

In addition to the great fun of playing decks that wouldn't normally exist on a regular ladder, of course, we have the opportunity to do several contracts such as 1000 procs of harmony, frenzy, assimilate or deathwish, earning Reward Points.

The decks presented below are mainly focused on fulfilling contracts. You can never have enough Reward Points!



Your favourite insect is back in a big way thanks to the rules creating copies of it and thus making it even a bigger problem.

In the deck I’ve included the basic package of Viy Jam, I also got you covered with even more deathwish monsters and their activators. Additionally, you have also a package of thrive cards, which make a great addition to the entire deck and allow you to slam a few more points.

Matta Hu'uri, along with Royal Decree and Oneiromancy allow you to achieve a very stable deck where you decide what to draw and in which order.


With Scoia’tael we can go down in two distinct paths - harmony or movement. 

I chose the latter because of the explosive potential of the deck. The movement has always been able to get the opponent's blood boiling, especially in this mode where it is doubly oppressive.

Additionally, the Witchers from the Way of the Witcher make a perfect fit with their wide variety of tricks at their disposal. Your goal is to get your opponent cornered with Cat Witcher, Dol Blathanna Sentry, and support them with Malena and Vrihedd Dragoon to squeeze an extra value from movement procs.

Furthermore, Idarran of Ulivo supports the idea by copying the first unit we spawn each turn. Pavko Gale, Vrihedd Brigade and Dragon's Dream are a great damage output to make sure we are one step ahead of our opponent.

Northern Realms

The main goal of this deck is to deploy as many engines as possible in the shortest amount of time. 

Every card either deals damage, and either has an order or passively generates points. We should always aim at winning the first round to be bled too much in the 2nd round or to gain card advantage for the long 3rd round.

Be mindful of Geralt: Yrden - always try to bait him out, yet be aware to not overcommit in front of him.


Fans of the Great Sun, rejoice! 

Another week of rules allowing you to break the game with the Empire. The deck is mainly based on assimilate and generating additional resources; how much value is too much?

Usurper Officer is a great point slam play, which also triggers our assimilation. Braathens allows us to play additional duchess and it’s just perfect - this way you can double proc yours assimilates. 

Thanks to Double Cross and tactics that excel in creating even more cards, we always have an emergency proc of assimilation at hand to either protect our units or, if needed, for the extra points play. 


For the thugs of Novigrad, I have prepared a deck that is based mainly on coins handling and efficient poison application.

With the help of cards that generate coins, we try to maintain a steady income at an appropriate level so that the other cards that are based on the mechanics of Capital can work as effectively as possible. 

Furthermore, the poison package with the Salamander on top of it should help to keep the opponent in check.


While most likely Nilfgaard being dominating the seasonal mode, because of Assimilate which can easily get out of hand... Skellige Veterans also will have something to say!

With the ability to field double Dagur Two Blades and An Craite Greatswords, you can score some big points, because, in the end, every unit played by your opponent will be damaged by one or two points. Apart from that, we have one of the best cards for this mode - Skelligan Veterans - whose copies will always trigger their berserk effects for additional tempo swing. 

At the very end, we can make some use out of the Living Armor, Olaf and Ocvist.



Kurikara Kurikara is Aretuza Member

Kurikara is 30 years old Gwent player from Poland. His introduction to the card games was Magic: the Gathering during High School. A newcomer to the world of The Witcher, which he immediately started to follow after the first few rounds of Gwent. Former content creator for fansites and teams dedicated to various trading card games. 

Privately, a hobbyist web designer who learns to code. If he is not doing anything constructive, then he certainly is trying to save Azeroth.

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