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By Rowdy, September 10, 2020

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Team Aretuza's first tournament for Legends of Runeterra offers you the opportunity to test your skills against the best.

The Aretuza Summit Community Tournament

The Aretuza Summit

Team Aretuza is proud to announce its first cross-shard community tournament with the Top 16 casted live in partnership with XLNC Esports.

Ten invited players and six qualifying community members compete for their share of a $200 prize pool, split four ways: $100 / $50 / $30 / $20.

The tournament will be coordinated via the Team Aretuza Discord, and all players are required to join the server before their series begins to allow for ease of communication between players and staff. For more rules and technical requirements for the Top 16, please read below.

Invited Players

The following players have confirmed their participation in the Top 16 Playoffs. These include four Team Aretuza competitive players (marked with an asterisk):

EU: Asher*, FreshLobster, Gvuardya*, Szychu

NA: Mtuck*, Nolagold, RattlingBones, ZincElemental*

BR: Yangzera

SEA: TealRed

Community Swiss Qualification

Date: Saturday 3 October 2020

Check-in: 3pm CEST

Start time: 4pm CEST



  • 3 decks, 1 ban
  • Conquest BO3
  • Region-locked
  • Swiss
  • Top six players progress to the Playoffs

Top 16 Playoffs

Date: Sunday 4 October 2020

Check-in: 5pm CEST

Start time: 6pm CEST


Casters: TBA


  • 3 decks, 1 ban
  • Conquest BO3
  • Region-locked
  • Double-elimination


  • 1st: $100
  • 2nd: $50
  • 3rd: $30
  • 4th: $20

Additional Rules and Requirements

If you proceed to the Playoffs, there is a chance that your match will be professionally casted. Therefore, all Top 16 Playoff participants must be able and willing to share their screen to our private Discord channel. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, then the 7th qualifying player from the Swiss stage will be chosen to fill your place. 

If you plan to stream your matches to your personal Twitch account, this is allowable with a minimum 3-minute delay, however should any problems with bandwidth/screensharing occur, we would expect you to prioritise the official stream above your own personal stream. If you anticipate connection/bandwidth issues, we recommend simply using your normal streaming setup to record your matches for later broadcast. 

An optional requirement: We would love to receive a photo and brief biography about you, so that we can promote you to our followers and give our casters some information to work from.

What if cross-shard isn't ready in time?

Riot has indicated that cross-shard (i.e. inter-regional) play will be available before the planned date of this tournament. Should this release be delayed, we will consider other options for the continuation of the tournament: most likely either be delaying the event date or by region-locking participation. We sincerely hope we won't have to make this decision!



Rowdy Rowdy is Aretuza Member

A fan of card games and gaming since high school, when he spent countless hours playing WoW and YuGiOh, Rowdy began his digital CCG journey with Hearthstone in 2013. After achieving high ranks in multiple games of the genre like Magic:Arena or Gwent over the years, he arrived at Runeterra searching for the next challenge. Following his competitive ambitions, he joined Team Aretuza to step up his game and fight for a place among the best. When he is not trying to crack the meta for the next tourney, you can find him playing poker or some hardcore strategy games.

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