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Apero made herself known in 2018 through her passion for the beta Gwent community, as well as for hosting the GwenTalk talk show and casting community tournaments. A former opera singer turned web developer, she lives in Germany but originally comes from Sydney, Australia. Apero is known for her quirky style, upbeat attitude, and loud laughter, but also prides herself on being a fast learner and a sharp wit.

As Team Manager, she looks forward to leading the team into the future while maintaining its reputation for professionalism and excellence, and of course still bringing personality and flair to the job. As Project Management Lead, she ensures that all team projects run smoothly, covering everything from meta reports to recruitment, from website management to community events.

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"I made GM! Now what?" Read this before you play Pro Ladder! Game Icon

By Apero, June 29, 2018


You just hit Rank 21 and you feel amazing because now you finally get access to Pro Ladder! Congratulations! But… wait… what does that actually mean?…

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By Apero, September 28, 2020

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New Gwent Automill Settings: What do they mean? Game Icon

By Apero, July 19, 2020

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