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Ceely is a 22-year-old from Finland with a hearty hankerin' for Gwent. She found the game through her love for the Witcher universe. Not having played any CCGs before, she was sceptical, but instantly fell in love with Gwent when she first played the game in its Open Beta version. She currently plays Gwent in Pro Rank, where she is continuously looking to learn and improve her gameplay. Ceely feels like she's in her element while streaming. That's when she gets to know new amazing people and their interests while playing a game she truly enjoys. She is fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English and enjoys learning about languages and different cultures in general. If you decide to stop by her stream, make sure to say hi and have a good time! In September 2020, Ceely began an additional role as PR and Social Media Manager for Team Aretuza.

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Article Announcement

Team Aretuza is excited to announce the second annual Gwent World Cup, which will run from May 17th to May 30th.  We have invited nine countries to…

Aretuza Report # 14 Game Icon

By Luis, September 14, 2020

Welcome to Aretuza Report # 14. This week's report features an updated batch of journey decks, new members, and an interview with Redrame. 

Aretuza Report # 13 Game Icon

By Luis, September 3, 2020

Welcome to the thirteenth Aretuza Report. This week we welcome two new members to the team, and chat with Tournaments and Events Manager Phoenix…

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By Ceely, March 15, 2021

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