John Dale Beety

"Professional hobbyist" lordgort makes his money helping others enjoy their leisure, whether as an auction catalog writer, copy editor for a Magic: The Gathering strategy site, or game show contestant (lifetime winnings: $5000). A Magic columnist for seven years, in 2018 he turned to Gwent, swiftly reaching the Pro ranks. Off the clock, he relaxes by writing and editing Gwent articles and contributing to Aretuza Academy. A longtime game show fanatic, he appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire in 2018.

Website Administrator

Jeremy Wilson

JMJWilson made his first forray into the world of CCG's with Gwent and has been hooked ever since. Since July 2018, he has competed in the game's Pro Rank scene and has participated in most online qualifiers since the official release of Gwent. Wilson serves as a content creator for Aretuza, especially focusing on the monthly Meta Snapshot and the Aretuza Academy projects. He seeks to bring the same analytical mindset to content creation as he does to his own gameplay with the goal of improving others' gameplay experience in whatever way is possible. With the implementation of Gwent Masters Season 2, Wilson aspires to continue his trend of being a consistent competitor in Gwent Masters qualifiers while also remaining committed to coverage of the game's highest level of competition.

Yiran Lin

Argeiphontes is a long-time card game player starting with Magic: The Gathering over a decade ago. In that time, he has played Magic, Hearthstone, Eternal, and of course Gwent at a competitive level at varying points in time. With a Top 3 finish at Wild Hunt 2 and consistent Top 100 Pro Ladder finishes, he hopes to continue improving at the top level of the game. While Argeiphontes will continue streaming and sharpening his competitive skills, his main focus on the team will be producing educational content, with a focus on deep diving core Gwent gameplay concepts. He looks forward to growing with the team and the game.

Graphic Designer

Eliška Hanáčková

Elis is a graphic designer in her early 20s, hailing from the Czech Republic. She graduated with a degree in Graphics and Art and has been involved in art and design since her childhood. A coincidence led her to the Witcher saga, and the Witcher saga led her to Gwent, and what she might lack in experience, she compensates for with passion for playing and learning the game. Within the team, she aims to create a visual presence that is united, branded and very much "Aretuza".

Aaron Koch

An actuary by day, unrepentant roper by night, and the Gwent Wild Hunt #2 LAN Champion, Kochua brings a highly quantitative and analytical approach to competitive games. He discovered Gwent in October 2017 and was an instant convert, won over by the game's complexity and depth of strategy. During 2018, he compiled several top-50 Pro Ladder finishes in addition to winning Wild Hunt #2. In 2019, Kochua took a brief detour into Magic the Gathering: Arena, earning a bid in a Mythic Championship Qualifier Weekend before finally making the move to Dota Underlords. Kochua provides the team with editorial support, with a goal of making Aretuza the leading source of competitive Gwent and Underlords content. He also helps the team in its constant search for an analytical edge, and in the meantime tries some of his crazier theories out on the Underlords ladder as a Lord of White Spire.

Nate Coley

Mortheous has been playing CCG'S since finding Magic: The Gathering in middle school. After playing the Witcher 3 Gwent he had been excited about its standalone release and has been playing since the tail end of closed beta. Mortheous has a degree in Music Industry which allows him a unique outlook on the technical side of content creation.

Content Manager

Brandon Parker

Brandon 'gulox2' Parker may be a video game player for close to 35 years, but has jumped into the CCG and content creation realm for the first time with Gwent. A player since open beta, gulox2 (that's 'gulo times two', for accuracy) has played a prodigious amount of Gwent, with Skellige being his faction of choice. At time of writing, he is nearing 7,000 lifetime wins for the faction of pirates and brigands (making him the de facto and self-proclaimed King of Skellige). He has also qualified for pro ladder seven times during his time playing the Homecoming rework of Gwent. Brandon looks to have fun playing the game, and is always willing to lend a new player some advice, all while trying to pull off some ridiculous play at the same time. His next goal in the world of competitive Gwent is to reach pro ladder again and maintain placement on pro ladder, all while representing both the Isles of Skellige and Team Aretuza to the best of his ability.

Content Manager

Joshua Witcher

Joshua Witcher (real name) was first interested in the world of the Witcher based on his last name. After finding the series and playing the Witcher 3, he was hooked. After a time, he found Gwent and immediately fell in love with the game and immersed himself in the community. During this time he also became a journalism major in university, which he hopes to graduate from in 2023.

Graphic Designer

Ann-Kathrin Kirchner

Ann is a Graphic Designer currently studying Graphic Design in Frankfurt. She got into Gwent through the Witcher 3, and fell in love with the game (especially its art) in an instant. Having spent most of her time playing boats and bears (Sk) she proclaimed herself Queen of Skellige. In her freetime she enjoys multiple naps a day and definitely also does other things!

Content Manager

Email: M8Asher@gmail.com

Savinien Castel

Card game enthusiast since childhood, Asher has played as many CCGs as he could lay his hands on which kickstarted his competitive streak. Achieving high ranks in Hearthstone, Duelyst, and TES: Legends, his goal is now to do the same in Legends of Runeterra and compete in all possible tournaments. With a drive to always improve, Asher is looking to brew the best decks and help new and experienced players alike.