Rapid Reaction: Patch 3.2 Game Icon

By lordgort, August 29, 2019


With every new Gwent patch comes excitement, but also a bit of uncertainty. Team Aretuza brings you our Rapid Reaction to Patch 3.2 with insight from…

Rapid Reaction: The Patch 3.1 Developer Video Game Icon

By lordgort, July 30, 2019


Patch 3.1 promises changes so big, it feels almost like a mini-expansion! JMJWilson23 and Argeiphontes team with lordgort to do a Rapid Reaction of…

Novigrad Expansion: Card Breakdown Game Icon

By Argeiphontes, July 29, 2019


A couple weeks into the expansion and one hotfix later, we are getting a clearer picture of the new Syndicate faction. Join Argeiphontes and Jamedi…

Seasonal Mode Guide: Season of the Griffin Game Icon

By Veruis, July 5, 2019


Hey everyone, I am Veruis, a casual player of CCG and RPG games, and I love spending my time having fun instead of tryharding on ladder. That is why…

The Novigrad Expansion's Bold Gambles: The Syndicate and… Game Icon

By lordgort, June 26, 2019


Not only is CD Projekt Red adding an entirely new faction to Gwent, it is adding a new resource to the game at the same time. Either one would be a…

Are You Ready To Chase Your Gwent Dream? Game Icon

By lordgort, June 4, 2019


Like any dream, improving in Gwent and making a name for yourself among the Gwent community comes filled with a host of challenges, whether personal,…

Rapid Reaction: The User Experience Update Overview Video Game Icon

By lordgort, May 30, 2019


Patch 2.2 for Gwent, as announced in the overview video, is simultaneously minor and major. Minor, because most of the changes for established…

Rapid Reaction: The Nilfgaard Update Dev Stream Game Icon

By lordgort, April 30, 2019


Over nearly an hour, CD Projekt Red laid out a series of immediate and longer-term changes for Gwent, from a rework of the Nilfgaard faction to plans…

I Reached Pro Rank! Now What? Game Icon

By lordgort, April 23, 2019


Congratulations, and don't panic! lordgort covers the basics of Pro Rank: competing in Pro Rank, staying there, going for Crown Points, and earning…

Building Decks After An Expansion Game Icon

By lordgort, March 26, 2019


As Gwent players explore the game's first official expansion, Crimson Curse, many will try out decks using the new cards and leaders. This article…

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