Over the last two years, Team Aretuza has had great success with Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, fielding some of the strongest competitive players across multiple Gwent Opens and Challengers, at many community tournaments and of course at the top of the Ranked Ladder.

Outside of competition, Team Aretuza has also grown to become one of the most trusted sources of Gwent content available, with articles covering everything from Gwent’s UI, through crafting guides to advanced tournament preparation techniques. Of course, along with our fantastic friends at Team Nova, we’ve also now produced 10 high-quality Gwent Meta Snapshots to analyse and share our findings on the ever-changing state of competitive Gwent.

The release of a new genre of turn-based strategy games, auto-battlers, has sparked a lot of interest and passion from within Team Aretuza. The skills they require to play well speak to our strengths as competitive gamers, and the rapid growth of their audience leaves a lot of room for content creators to help enrich the games’ community experience.

With that in mind, as Team Aretuza continues to grow and seek out new challenges as a competitive and professional esports entity, we’re thrilled to announce that Dota Underlords will be the first game we officially expand into, continuing to produce high-quality content and gameplay in both Gwent and Underlords from here on out.

We’ve already signed two of the best Underlords players available: SL1CKz and NinjaNinjaNinja - both already consistent top-flight players whose highest positions to date are 10th and 1st on the White Spire Leaderboard respectively. A number of other Team Aretuza players are also already ranked at Big Boss and Lord of White Spire, performing well on the ladder and in tournaments, and some of our content creators have a number of interesting introductory articles on the game and genre already in the works.


The current Team Aretuza Lords of White Spire

In the coming weeks, both our website and our community discord will undergo some work to be able to support both Gwent and Underlords, for members of our community who only wish to see content for one to be able to do so without being interrupted by the other, and so that we as a team can continue to follow our passions in a professional and qualitative manner.

Please follow us here on our website and across social media for more upcoming news on this expansion. We’re incredibly excited about Team Aretuza’s future, in both Gwent and Underlords, and hope you’ll continue to put your faith in us for all of your competitive gaming needs.

See you on the battlefield!

The entire Aretuza Esports team.