Inside you will find the complete scores for the Aretuza Spring Team Clash. As always, refer back to the announcement post for the Team Clash if you want to find direct links to any other information about the tournament. Additionally, you may check the Aretuza Discord Server to find the same information.

Group A

Round 1

Team Leviathan Gaming 3-0 Claymore (BeardyBog 2-1 Wonder98, GraveshGravesh 2-1 MagWTF, Pajabol 2-0 MrSweetPiggy)

Team Nova vs Team Swallow (Cancelled)

Round 2

Team Leviathan Gaming vs Team Swallow (Cancelled)

Claymore 2-1 Team Nova (Wonder98 1-2 Acalajucha, MrSweetPiggy 2-0 Windave, MagWTF 2-1 Poisound)

Round 3

Claymore vs Team Swallow (Cancelled)

Team Leviathan Gaming vs Team Nova (Cancelled)

Group B

Round 1

GwentDetta 2-1 Legacy (CintrianLion 2-0 InNomineSatanas, Kar5555 0-2 Danirai, Fillow 2-1 Iluxa228)

SLG 1-2 Team Aretuza (IgniFriend 0-2 Kolemoen, Cilach28 2-1 Adzikov, Ethree 1-2 Santtu2x)

Round 2

GwentDetta 0-3 Team Aretuza (Kar5555 0-2 Adzikov, Nik_r 1-2 Santtu2x, Fillow 1-2 Redrame)

Legacy 3-0 SLG (Iluxa228 2-0 Cilach28, Lerio2 2-0 Ethree, InNomineSatanas 2-0 p_star)

Round 3

GwentDetta 1-2 SLG (CintrianLion 0-2 p_star, Nik_r 2-0 Ethree, Fillow 0-2 Cilach28)

Legacy 1-2 Team Aretuza (Iluxa228 0-2 Santtu2x, Lerio2 2-0 Adzikov, Danirai 1-2 Kolemoen)