The Triangle Concept Pt 2: Triangle Application Game Icon

By Lothari, May 3, 2019


In the first part of our series on the Triangle Concept, we looked at the three basic elements of Gwent's triangle and how they interact with each…

The Triangle Concept Pt 1: Triangle Theory Game Icon

By Lothari, April 26, 2019


Good day, adepts. I’m Lothari, and over the course of this two-part series we will be looking at the Triangle Concept, and how we can use it to…

Preview: Meta Snapshot #6 Game Icon

By Jamedi, February 7, 2019


After the recent patch at the beginning of the month, the master chefs of Team Aretuza and Team Nova have once again entered the kitchen and are hard…

Gwent’s Mulligan Update: What Is It and What Does It Mean… Game Icon

By JMJWilson23, February 1, 2019


Recently, Gwent saw its first major content update in the Homecoming era. Once again, the core gameplay saw changes; this time through alterations to…

Rapid Reaction: The Mulligan Update Developer Stream Game Icon

By lordgort, January 8, 2019


Changes to Gwent's redraw (or "mulligan") system are set to shake the game up yet again. What is changing, and what are the possible consequences?

Gwent's Current Card Draw System and How to Fix It Game Icon

By Gnurrgard, December 28, 2018


As we all know, Homecoming established profound changes to Gwent’s game mechanics. Two of the most controversial alterations were the introduction of…

How to Build a Deck: A Case of Skellige Veterans by… Game Icon

By Gnurrgard, July 31, 2018


There is a bit of art and science behind every successful deck. Sometimes it takes lengthy theorycrafting, sometimes you need to do a lot of…