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Events This Week

Assassins of Kings 1st match cast by Shinmiri and Kingchezz [season 2]

Community Event Tournament

Time: 08:00 PM, Monday, March 18th (UTC)

Original Time: 09:00 PM, Monday, March 18th (Europe/Vienna)

Link: https://www.twitch.tv/gwentleague/

Organizer: Gwent League

Gwent League is organizing a 4v4 GWENT tournament called Assassins of Kings. It is a king of the hill tournament as teams battle to claim the throne via bo7 GWENT matches.

We would like to invite you all to the livestream of the first game of this second edition, casted by Shinmiri and Kingchezz ! It will happen Monday March 18th at 9pm CET on the Gwent League twitch channel.

Full info on the teams and their line-up :

You may also sign up to the AOK tournament by joining our discord. To sign up, simply tag the name of your team and the 4 participants in #aok-signups. The tournament is open to everyone and there are no deadlines to sign up. First come first serve.