Aretuza Spotlight: Kolemoen Game Icon

By Lothari, September 6, 2019


In our fourth Aretuza Spotlight before Gwent Challenger #5, we come to Kolemoen. Kolemoen is one of the competitive Gwent circuit’s most consistent…

Aretuza Spotlight: Green Cricket Game Icon

By Lothari, September 4, 2019


Team Aretuza aren’t just bringing three great players to Challenger #5, but will also be providing the official analysis for all games throughout the…

Seasonal Mode Guide: Season of the Dryad Game Icon

By Veruis, September 2, 2019


Hey everyone, I'm Veruis and together with fearsyndrome, I welcome you to the guide for this month’s Seasonal Mode. Have fun!

Rapid Reaction: Patch 3.2 Game Icon

By lordgort, August 29, 2019


With every new Gwent patch comes excitement, but also a bit of uncertainty. Team Aretuza brings you our Rapid Reaction to Patch 3.2 with insight from…

Aretuza Spotlight: Damorquis Game Icon

By Lothari, August 27, 2019


Continuing on the road to Challenger #5, today our Aretuza Spotlight shines on one of the people who started it all: Damorquis, competitive player…

Aretuza Spotlight: Adzikov Game Icon

By Lothari, August 23, 2019


When Molegion qualified for Gwent Open #8, we began our Aretuza Spotlight series, to give you more insight into who the people behind one of Gwent’s…

Seasonal Mode Guide: Season of the Draconid Game Icon

By Veruis, August 20, 2019


Hey everyone, I am Veruis, a casual player of CCG and RPG games, and I love spending my time having fun instead of tryharding on ladder. That is why…

Thanedd Cøup: A Look Back Game Icon

By Damorquis, August 14, 2019


Two weeks ago, Team Aretuza hosted our first Gwent LAN event in Warsaw, the Thanedd Cøup. We’d like to share a look back over the experiences of a…

Meta Snapshot #10 Game Icon

By Lothari, August 12, 2019


In the Season of the Draconid, 2019, Team Aretuza and Team Nova reach a great milestone in Gwent content creation: Our 10th competitive Meta Snapshot…

Aretuza Open Cup Game Icon

By Lothari, August 7, 2019


One-stop access to all the information you'll need about Team Aretuza's Aretuza Open Cup!

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