Season 1 GWENT World Masters - Meet our Champions! Game Icon

By Kurikara, June 5, 2021


Greetings GWENT Community! Our writer, Kurikara, is providing an insight into Season 1 GWENT World Masters and the upcoming Price of Power expansion.…

Aretuza Report # 4 Game Icon

By Luis, June 29, 2020


Welcome to the last Aretuza Report for Season of Magic. This report focuses on end of season reminders and an interview with Team Aretuza manager…

Aretuza Report # 2 Game Icon

By Luis, June 15, 2020


Welcome to our second Aretuza Report. This report focuses on the newly announced Master Mirror expansion, the Gwent Summer Festival, and much more.

Aretuza Report # 1 Game Icon

By Luis, June 8, 2020


Greetings Gwent Community! We at Team Aretuza have decided to provide the first in a regular series of updates about Gwent. The Aretuza Report aims…

Results - Spring Team Clash Game Icon

By JMJWilson23, May 14, 2020


Inside you will find the complete scores for the Aretuza Spring Team Clash. As always, refer back to the announcement post for the Team Clash if you…

Spring Team Clash Group B Preview Game Icon

By JMJWilson23, May 13, 2020


Casted games for the Aretuza Spring Team Clash kick off today with Group B action! Get to know the background of the players involved in a bit more…

Challenger #5 Game Icon

By SwanDive, September 15, 2019


We are incredibly proud of Adzikov, Damorquis and Kolemoen and their performances at GWENT Challenger this weekend. Thank you to all Team Aretuza…

Preview: Challenger #5 – The Participants Game Icon

By JMJWilson23, September 11, 2019


This is Part 1 of our 2-part miniseries - Preview: Challenger #5! Ever wondered how someone makes it to Challenger? JMJWilson23 gives us a fantastic…

Aretuza Spotlight: Kolemoen Game Icon

By Lothari, September 6, 2019


In our fourth Aretuza Spotlight before Gwent Challenger #5, we come to Kolemoen. Kolemoen is one of the competitive Gwent circuit’s most consistent…

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