A Detailed Look at Gwent Ability Timings and Priority Game Icon

By CaptainMetal92, January 4, 2021


Guest writer CaptainMetal92 provides us with an in-depth look at how abilities and effects process their order in Gwent, in an attempt to provide you…

Way of the Witcher Expansion Card Review Game Icon

By JMJWilson23, December 8, 2020


Team Aretuza members Crozyr, DarxPhoenix, JMJWilson, Johaggis, Redrame, Santtu2x, Shaggy, and Shinmiri come together to evaluate the cards in the Way…

Deckbuilding with Xyptero: Part 2 - Building a Win Condition Game Icon

By Xyptero, September 30, 2020


Last time, we talked about the three fundamental features of a deck. Today, we’re looking at the first of those – your win condition. This is the…

How To Prepare a Tournament Line-Up Game Icon

By multiple authors, September 25, 2020


Team Aretuza members mtuck and Zinc bring you an article introducing differences between ladder play and tournament play. They will also be talking…

Aretuza Report # 15 Game Icon

By Luis, September 25, 2020


Welcome to Aretuza Report #15. This week's report features an updated batch of journey decks, end of season reminders, and an interview with our pro…

The Battle for the Bridge on the Yaruga Game Icon

By TheFoxBride, September 23, 2020


In honor of the release of "The Battle for the Bridge on the Yaruga" game board, Queen Meve avatar, and "Red Lobinden" title, FoxBride brings us a…

LoR Masters Europe First Impressions Game Icon

By NightElemental, September 21, 2020


After eight months of patience and anticipation, we finally have an official tournament for Legends of Runeterra. Here is a short summary of what we…

All you need to know about the Aretuza Gwent League Game Icon

By DarxPhoenix, September 20, 2020


In this article you will find the complete rulebook of the Aretuza Gwent League as well as many links that will be useful to your journey if you wish…

The Aretuza Summit Community Tournament Game Icon

By Rowdy, September 10, 2020


Team Aretuza's first tournament for Legends of Runeterra offers you the opportunity to test your skills against the best.

Legends of Runeterra Meta Snapshot #1: Call of the Mountain Game Icon

By multiple authors, September 7, 2020


Team Aretuza brings you the most detailed Meta Snapshot for Legends of Runeterra yet.

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