This GWENT Meta Snapshot, created by Team Aretuza and Team Nova, attempts to establish the best decks to play on Ranked Ladder and Pro Rank, given the current state of the metagame, in order to maximize the chances of winning games and climbing.

Every deck is accompanied by a short text explaining a little bit about the archetype, showing the reasons for placing it in its tier alongside the pros and cons of the deck and a tech section.



Tier 1

Decks in this tier have favourable matchups against the majority of lower tier decks and some favourable matchups against other Tier 1 lists. Another criterion is that these decks should be able to win against lower-tier decks on blue coin most of the time.


Tier 2

Decks in this tier can beat Tier 1 decks if the player can access its full potential, or are strong decks with a clear counter; in addition, these decks should win consistently against lower tiers.


Tier 3

Decks in this tier are generally viable for normal ladder and for some cheesy picks at tournaments. These decks can surprise opponents and win matches, but without that surprise factor their potential is significantly reduced. A deck at this tier should lose against Tier 1 and Tier 2 decks the majority of the time


Honorable Mentions

Decks that aren't strong enough to be tiered, but with enough potential to be much better with the adequate support cards. These kind of decks are always worth keeping an eye on.

Patch Overview

The five new faction leaders introduced to Gwent with the Thronebreaker Leaders Update at the beginning of the month have had a mixed impact on the Gwent meta, while nerfs to some familiar faces have left more room for a wider variety of played cards.

Published: 15 February 2019 (Patch:


Playing Lippy Gudmund feels at times like cheating the provision system, as it enables us to play our gold cards in two different rounds while Discarding any low quality or tech cards in bad matchupsCrach an Craite is used as a leader in this deck due to its high number of provisions and its ability to enable Geralt: Professional. This deck was created by Gnurrgard and Wusubi.


Essential Cards

  • Lippy Gudmund’s ability of swapping cards from the graveyard back into the deck is the core of this list. Besides being a tool for easy disposal of our low-value cards, it also allows for a longer than normal Round 1, as we are not afraid to commit our finishers, which are usually reserved for Round 3 in others decks. Thus, we are able to win the first round easily and remain in control for the rest of the game.
  • Geralt: Professional's ability requirement is relatively easy to achieve in this deck, as every card is at most one point damage or boost away from being a multiple of 3. Geralt: Professional is really effective in most of cases, but in the worst of situations, it will still be a 6-point card, which is decent value.



  • Higher quality of cards than in other decks due to Lippy Gudmund
  • Great consistency because of Discard package (Birna BranHeymaey SkaldMorkvarg and Tuirseach Skirmisher)


  • Can struggle against other midrange decks such as Shupe's Day Off decks if they take a timely pass in R1
  • Too many reactive cards, which can be rough without last say


Tech Choices

  • Skjall ⇒ Gimpy Gerwin
  • Unicorn, Chironex ⇒ Olaf, Hym

There is a difference between Skjall and Gimpy Gerwin that must be considered when taking this deck into the metaSkjall’s single-target damage is far safer and more consistent, but the possible AoE of Gimpy Gerwin can be far more powerful against decks such as Big Monsters or Slave Infantry NG.

The decision of whether to replace the Unicorn/Chironex combination with Olaf and Hym depends very much on how many mirrors we face - it is far safer to play the horses in a mirror match. However, if we face more uninteractive decks, Olaf and Hym are almost assured value, especially against Monsters.


Video Guide

  • Crach an Craite Crach an Craite 16 Order: Damage an enemy unit by 1. Cooldown: 2.
  • Hanmarvyn's Blue Dream Hanmarvyn's Blue Dream 13 Play a unit from the opponent's graveyard and give it Doomed.
  • 3 Geralt: Professional Geralt: Professional 11 Deploy (Melee): Damage an enemy unit by 3. If its power was a multiple of 3, destroy it instead.
  • 5 Birna Bran Birna Bran 10 Deploy: Draw 2 cards, then Discard 2 cards.
  • 3 Roach Roach 10 Whenever you play a gold card, Summon this unit from your deck to a random allied row.
  • 2 Lippy Gudmund Lippy Gudmund 10 Deploy (Ranged): Swap your graveyard with your deck.
  • 5 Morkvarg Morkvarg 9 If this unit moves to the graveyard during the round, Summon it to the melee row and give it Doomed.
  • 4 Unicorn Unicorn 9 Deploy: Boost a unit by 3. If you control Chironex, double that amount.
  • 4 Chironex Chironex 9 Deploy: Damage a unit by 3. If you control Unicorn, double that amount.
  • 4 Donar an Hindar Donar an Hindar 8 Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by 2. Bloodthirst 2: Damage an enemy unit by 5 instead.
  • 3 Skjall Skjall 8 Deploy: Damage an undamaged enemy unit by 4.
  • 2 Eskel Eskel 8 Deploy: Summon Vesemir and Lambert from your deck to this row.
  • 2 Vesemir Vesemir 8 Deploy: Summon Eskel and Lambert from your deck to this row.
  • 2 Lambert Lambert 8 Deploy: Summon Eskel and Vesemir from your deck to this row.
  • 4 Ulfhedinn Ulfhedinn 7 Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by half of its current power.
  • 5 Dimun Light Longship Dimun Light Longship 5 Order: Damage self and an enemy unit by 1. Cooldown: 1.
  • 3 Heymaey Skald Heymaey Skald x2 5 Deploy: Discard a card, then draw a card.
  • 3 Bomb Heaver Bomb Heaver 5 Deploy: Destroy an enemy artifact.
  • 3 Dimun Pirate Captain Dimun Pirate Captain x2 4 Deploy, Bloodthirst 2: Damage an enemy unit by 3.
  • 2 Wolf Pack Wolf Pack x2 4 Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by 2.
  • 2 Tuirseach Skirmisher Tuirseach Skirmisher x2 4 When this unit is Discarded, Summon it from your graveyard to the melee row.
  • 2 An Craite Marauder An Craite Marauder 4 Deploy (Melee): Split 4 damage randomly between all other units.

Matchup Table